• Artist Statement/Bio

    I am inspired by concepts, by the environment, and by places and people. Often, my artworks come to me in fragmented dreams after spending much time pondering an idea. From these dreams, I consider a myriad of possibilities regarding the appropriate scale of the work, the materials, and the context of how the piece will be seen. I look for beauty in things, people, situations, and try to express it in a way that leaves room for interpretation and discussion by the viewer: the work references an idea behind it, but is not so obvious as to be a quick read. I relish combining different textures and materials in a way that is not always expected and always strive to bring a new way of seeing. I work fluidly between the disciplines of sculpture, photography, and oil painting. In particular, I enjoy interdisciplinary work that pushes the boundaries of these traditions.

    My work ranges from large installations to small and delicate pieces while my materials range from bronze, aluminum, steel, corten, wood, granite, charcoal, paint, canvas, and even photographic elements. I delight in the beauty of our world and hope to preserve the essence of it in my artwork. My smaller works often incorporate the idea of disintegration, deterioration, or the beauty of decay.

    The Aurora Series is based on the stunning beauty of the Aurora Borealis. I have long marveled at this visual phenomenon created by electrons colliding with the upper reaches of our atmosphere while following the trail of our earth’s magnetic fields, releasing energy and creating light in the process. I am currently working on a new piece and series, Confluence #102, with engineering by Tom Greer who has worked with Ned Kahn.

    I have spent the past three years on an arts council board (Wine Country Arts Council) in order to help promote the arts in our community. In 2016, I created a partnership with the 6th Street Playhouse to bring the visual arts, both 2-D and 3-D, and performing arts together in a unique venue in Santa Rosa.

    I am represented by Christopher Hill Gallery in Healdsburg, and Calabi Gallery in Santa Rosa. I have work in private collections and a piece on permanent display at Sonoma State University. I have exhibited my work at the Napa ARTwalk, Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Garden, Pepperwood Preserve, Oakwilde Sculpture Ranch, in numerous Sonoma County galleries, and in juried shows in Benicia, Palo Alto, and Laguna Beach.

    Catherine Daley